iRZ TG42-232 and iRZ TG43-485 Development Gets Underway


The new wireless data communication devices are launched for development: the iRZ TG42-232 GSM modem and the iRZ TG43-485 GSM modem. The distinctive feature of the modems is an embedded next-generation Java platform. The Java environment provides easy and fast application development, a broad set of tools, on-device debugging, high code reusability and simultaneous application execution. In addition, Java ensures easy maintenance and a proven security concept.

The quad-band iRZ TG42-232 and iRZ TG43-485 modems are encased in a robust compact plastic housing. The devices are controlled by standard AT commands. Supported GSM frequency bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

An integrated PSU enables the iRZ TG43-485 GSM modem to operate from the industrial network of ~220V 50/60Hz. This model is fitted with the timer reset option. iRZ TG42-232 holds common USB 2.0 interface which enables the modem direct connection to a computer without an AC power adapter.

iRZ TG42-232 and iRZ TG43-485 can be easily integrated into many M2M solutions: mobile access to the Internet, telemetry, wireless data collection from sensors and meters, remote viewing, management and alarm systems.

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