R4 Series Routers: Versatility and High Technologies


iRZ is pleased to introduce a new R4 series of industrial routers. The series includes over ten models with various features. R4 provides high-speed wired network connections backed up over a wireless link.

Each model of the series is fitted with two SIM card slots to allow for the use of several cellular operators. In addition, the R4 routers offer two wireless communication models which can provide hot standby service (immediate switch from wireless to backup link). The R4 series software is based on the open-source Linux kernel enabling the installation of additional elements.

The R4 routers support the 3G, LTE and CDMA communication standards. The routers feature four LAN and one WAN port (in some models - SFP), RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, USB Host and GPIOs with flexible configuration options.

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