Recommended replacement: iRZ RU21w
  • GSM/GPRS router
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iRZ RUH2 is a multifunctional routers designed for network 3G (UMTS,HSUPA, HSDPA, EDGE, GRPS). It provides high-speed Internet connection. Among the key features of the routers iRZ RUH2 are the possibility to switch between two SIM-cards. The use of two SIM-cards provides reservation of the connection as well as the ability to work according to the schedule. The core unit is a processor ARM, which provides high efficiency at low power consumption.

The router is based on the OS Linux, which provides high productivity and continuity of operation The software platform is open and allows you to build custom software that provides the flexibility of its use for different tasks. iRZ RUH2 support tunnels and technology VPN: GRE,OpenVPN, IPsec. In addition, the router is equipped with features: DNS, DynDNS, SSH Server, TFTP Client, Wget, SNTP, DHCP Server, VRRP, Firewall, NAT, NTP Client, watchdog timer. The router has standard interfaces: Ethernet (8P8C), Serial port (RS232), USB-A, as well as the supply connector TJ6-6P6C.

iRZ RUH2 is used for wireless link of payment terminals and automated teller machines with the head office control center, with remote branch offices, elements of industrial equipment systems, security and surveillance systems, as well as for monitoring and management as well as other systems requiring high-speed Internet connection.

  • Processor ARM920T;
  • Dynamic RAM 64 MB;
  • Flash memory 8 MB;
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbit;
Additional features
  • NAT function for access to the internal resources of the network from outside;
  • DynDNS client for domain name information refreshment when using the dynamic IP address;
  • GRE, IPsec and OpenVPN tunnels;
  • Access to the external COM port through Telnet;
  • Synchronization of the internal clock with external source;
  • SMS notifications regarding switching on, GPRS connection or connection failure;
  • SMS sending through Telnet and web-interface;
  • 2 SIM cards;
  • Configuration from web-interface or automatically from USB-flash;
  • DHСP Server;
  • Firewall;
Connection standards
  • GPRS;
  • EDGE;
  • UMTS;
  • HSUPA;
  • HSDPA;
Power supply
  • Supply voltage range: 8 … 30 V;
  • Supply current:
  • At 12 V supply voltage – 800 mA;
  • At 24 V supply voltage – 400 mA;
  • External COM port, which can be used for:
  • Data collection or for equipment control by using additional software through interfaces RS-232, RS-422*, RS-485*, CAN* and others (*external interface converter is required);
  • Connection of two distant devices with COM interfaces through the Internet;
  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit;
  • USB Host, which allows connection of external devices, such as Flash drives. This option provides the user with the ability of centralized files storage;
  • Aluminum housing;
  • Dimension 76 x 160 x 30 mm;
  • Weight 250 g;
  • Operation temperature range: -30°C … +70°C;