iRZ ATM2-485


Recommended replacement:
  • GSM 900/1800
  • connectors/interfaces:
  • GSM/GPRS terminal
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iRZ ATM2-485 is a dual-band (900/1800 MHz) GSM/GPRS modem developed for data transfer over cellular networks. The modem supports GPRS class 10 and TCP/IP protocol stack.

iRZ ATM2-485 automatically connects to GPRS network and establishes a connection with the server and then maintains a permanent connection to it or runs by schedule. The user gets transparent inter-working between back-end software and an external device connected to the modem. iRZ ATM2-485 is intended to operate in conjunction with a specialized iRZ Collector server.

The modem is equipped with the combined RS485/RS422 serial port for a data cable (part of terminal connector) and three additional GPIO pins used to drive external devices. The operation of the GPIO pins is controlled using SMS messages.

  • client and server modes support;
  • TCP/IP-to-COM transparent mode;
  • Modbus RTU mode, ASCII;
  • the ability to operate with standby IP-address of the server or a standby server;
  • 2 SIM cards support;
  • CSD mode;
  • sending SMS message to a specified number when a connection to the server is lost;
  • various server operation modes (always connected, connecting according to the schedule, a call or a SMS command);
  • automatic tracing of a status of the GSM module and two types of watchdog timers for protection against hangup;
  • RS485/RS422 interfaces and 3 x GPIO (including a power output of up to 500 mA with the possibility to power supply from third-party equipment);
  • management of external outputs by SMS-commands;
  • sending SMS message to a specified number from signals of external outputs;
  • easy to configure multiple modems with similar parameters (support ATM Control application);
  • supports special server software iRZ Collector;
  • remote configuration and firmware updates via iRZ Collector software;
  • fault tolerance when updating firmware;
  • wide operation temperature range;
  • compact housing with DIN-rail mounts
Hardware Specification
  • GSM/GPRS module: BGS2;
  • communication interfaces: RS485/RS422 (terminal connector);
  • terminal connector: RS485/RS422 + 2 x GPIO + 1 x GPO + Out 3.3V;
  • MiniUSB connector (setting and log record);
  • dual SIM support;
  • GSM antenna connector: SMA;
  • power connector: Micro-Fit 4;
Frequency bands
  • 900/1800 MHz;
  • 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (option);
GSM module transmitter output power
  • 850/900: 2W;
  • 1800/1900: 1W;
Physical Characteristics
  • plastic design;
  • dimensions (without connectors): less than 66 x 83 x 25 mm;
  • dimensions (with connectors): less than 75 x 83 x 25 mm;
  • weight: less than 100 g;
  • operating temperature range: -40°C ... +65°C;
  • storage temperature range: -50°C ... +85°C;
  • operating humidity: 80% or less (at +25°C);
Electrical Characteristics
  • Supply voltage range: DC 7V ... 40V;
  • Supply current (active GPRS mode) less than:
    • at 12 V supply voltage - 250mA;
    • at 24 V supply voltage - 125mA;
  • Supply current (standby mode) less than:
    • at 12 V supply voltage - 60mA;
    • at 24 V supply voltage - 30mA;
  • GPIO 1 and 2 (“IN” mode):
    • programmable resistance pull-up to supply voltage – 10kΩ;
    • programmable resistance pull-up to ground – 47kΩ;
    • max. voltage of level “0” (low level) – 0.8V;
    • min. voltage of level “1” (high level) – 2V;
  • GPIO 1 and 2 (“OUT” mode):
    • type of output: open collector to ground;
    • output resistance – 120Ω;
    • max. output current - 10mA;
  • GPO 3 (“IN” mode):
    • type of output: open collector on supply voltage;
    • output resistance - 2Ω or less;
    • max. output current – 500mA
  • Out 3.3V
    • max. output current – 30mA