iON Pro

Available for order
  • GPS/GLONASS user terminal
  • Flash: 10 million records
  • External and internal antennas
  • Built-in battery
  • Connectors/interfaces:
    6xIN/2xOUT/ 2xSIM
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The iON Pro tracking device is intended for control over the intended use of means of transport. iON Pro makes it possible to receive and process in real-time such parameters as the cur-rent location, speed, direction of travel, state of various fuel level and consumption sensors connected to the system, operation of additional equipment. It works with different interfaces (analog, frequency, RS485/232, 1-Wire, USB). When connected to the CAN (J1939 FMS) or SAE J1708 bus, the tracking device can receive information on the vehicle’s operation right from its own on-board computer. There is the functionality of voice communication with the driver, alert output, and driver identification. iON Pro is encased in a durable moisture-resistant case, which is equipped with unauthorized access sensors.

  • additional internal GLONASS/GPS and GSM antennas, which make it possible for the device to operate even when the antennas are damaged (short circuit) or blocked;
  • a built-in Li-Pol battery, which enables the device to operate autonomously for 12 hours, even when the external power supply is turned off (damaged);
  • compatibility with the CAN (J1939 FMS) and SAE J1708 buses, when connected to which the device can receive data right from the vehicle’s on-board computer;
  • the functionality of software updates through GSM/GPRS makes it possible to keep the equip­ment’s firmware updated at all times;
  • an expanded temperature range of -40°С to +80°С, which ensures fail-proof operation in inclement weather conditions;
  • an expanded power supply range of 9 to 50 V, which guarantees compatibility with the on-board network of any vehicle;
  • a built-in black box, which can store data accumulated over a period of up to 5 years (for GPS data – up to 27 years);
  • iON Pro can come with an embedded SIM chip (Embedded-SIM), which enhances the de-vice’s reliability;
  • two-level tamper sensors detect and transmit information on unauthorized tampering with the device;
  • recorded data is secured against external threats, which ensures the protection of data against deliberate falsification.
Regional Standards:

Compliance with Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation №285; Category M means of transport used for commercial passenger trans­portation;

Compliance with Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation №285; Category N means of transport used for hazardous cargo transportation (except for means of transport operat­ing in zones with a potentially explosive atmosphere)

Technical Characteristics:

Multi-GNSS navigation receiver module (GPS/GLONASS/QZSS);
Dualband GSM module (900/1800 MHz), optional - Quadband GSM module (850/900/1800/1900 MHz);

  • External GPS/GLONASS antenna;
  • External GSM antenna;
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS antenna;
  • Built-in GSM antenna;

Flash memory: 10 million records;
Power supply voltage: 9V – 50V;
OLED display;
Two SIM cards support;
М2М SIM chips (option);
SIM card heating;
Built-in accelerometer: 3-axis;
Built-in Li-Pol battery: 2000 mAh

Interfaces and Connectors:


  • 6 x Analog inputs;
  • 6 x Digital inputs;
  • 2 x Digital outputs;
  • SAE (J1708) bus;
  • 2 x RS-485 bus;
  • CAN (J1939 / FMS) bus;
  • RS-232 bus (option);
  • Voice interface;
  • USB interface (settings, firmware update, data reading);

Additional Features:

  • 1-Wire/i-Button bus (identification/ thermo-sensors);
  • Remote firmware update, WEB;
  • WEB camera support;
  • External display support;
Physical Characteristics:

Dust and moisture resistance: IP54;
All connectors are hidden;
Tamper Sensor;
Dimensions: 109 × 109 × 21 mm;
Operating temperature range: -40ºС to +80ºС;