iON Connect

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  • GPS/GLONASS user terminal
  • Ease if installation
  • Flash: 16 Mb
  • Battery
  • Connectors/interfaces:
    power via OBD-ll/ external SIM
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iON Connect is a compact GLONASS/GPS tracker designed for fast and easy connection via the vehicle's OBD-II connector. The device is powered from the onboard power system using the OBD-II connector. iON Connect features the built-in battery which allows the device to operate even with a vehicle battery switched off. The advanced power-saving mode extends the device battery-powered operation for a longer period.

The built-in flash memory enables data collection if no GSM signal is detected to communicate data on a vehicle route. The SIM card tray on the outside enables the user to replace the SIM card without assistance and additional operations with the device. Such hassle-free replacement of the SIM card provides flexibility in selecting an ideal mobile plan for a region.

To ensure more reliable control of a vehicle movement, iON Connect can be connected to an external GPS antenna providing more stable signal from the GLONASS or GPS satellites. In addition, if the GPS external antenna fails to operate or is disabled, the device automatically switches to the built-in antenna operation. If the device fails to receive signals from the positioning systems, it can determine the position using the LBS technology (identifying location via the GSM base stations). iON Connect is fitted with the indicator displaying when it is plugged or unplugged from the connector.

  • GlONASS/GPS/LBS-based positioning
  • Easy configuration
  • Powered from an onboard power system
  • Built-in battery (battery-powered operation if no mains supply is available)
  • Built-in flash memory (records a position if no GSM signal detected)
  • SIM card replacement without disassembling the enclosure
  • Remote firmware updating
  • Compact size
Navigation receiver:
Frequency bands:
  • GSM/GPRS 900/1800 МГц;
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS antenna;
  • Built-in GSM antenna;
  • Optional external GPS/GLONASS antenna;
Flash-memory: 16 Мб;
  • SIM card: External tray or optional SIM chip (inside the housing);
  • Built-in accelerometer: Three-axis;
  • Built-in Li-Pol battery: Li-Pol, 150 mAh
  • Indicators: 3 LEDs (GSM, GPS, operating mode)
  • Supply voltage: 8 to 48V;
Electrical Specifications:

Current consumption in various modes (at 12V onboard voltage), maximum:

  • 100 mA (operating mode, the battery is charged);
  • 250 mA (operating mode, the battery is discharged);
  • Up to 10 mA (sleep mode);
Connectors and Interfaces:
  • OBD-II connector: Power supply from the onboard power system;
  • MMCX connector: Connection of an external GPS/GLONASS antenna;
  • SIM card holder: Micro SIM;
  • Mini USB connector: Connection to a PC for configuration;
Physical Specifications:
  • Housing material: Plastic;
  • Dimensions, maximum: 25 x 47 x 42 mm;
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +80°C;
  • Weight, maximum: 60 g;