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  • GPS/GLONASS user terminal
  • Flash: 16 Mb
  • Small device size
  • Built-in battery
  • Connectors/interfaces:
    RS485/ 4xIN/ 2xOUT
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iON FM is an inexpensive GLONASS/GPS tracker connectable to various sensors and external equipment. The device supports RS485 interface and 4 mutipurpose inputs each configurable as an analog, discrete, frequency or counter input. All I/Os and power supply are set on the 10-pin Microfit connector. In addition, the tracker is fitted with 2 outputs (open collector). Internal pull-ups can be connected to any two inputs at the same time.

iON FM is powered from the onboard power system and features the built-in battery which allows the device to operate even with a vehicle battery switched off. The advanced power-saving mode extends the device battery-powered operation for a longer period. The built-in flash memory enables data collection if no GSM signal is detected to communicate data on a vehicle route.

  • GlONASS/GPS/LBS-based positioning
  • Powered from an onboard power system
  • Built-in battery (battery-powered operation if no mains supply is available)
  • Built-in flash memory (records a position if no GSM signal detected)
  • Support for connection of fuel level sensors
  • Support for connection of sensors using 4 multipurpose inputs or RS485 interface
  • Support for connection of external actuators and control devices using 2 outputs
  • Remote firmware updating
  • FAKRA antenna connectors

Navigation receiver: Antennas;
Frequency bands: GSM/GPRS 900/1800 MHz;

  • external GPS/GLONASS antenna;
  • ewxternal GSM antenna;

Flash-memory: 16 MB;
SIM card: Internal holder or optional SIM chip;
Built-in accelerometer: Three-axis;
Built-in Li-Pol battery: Li-Pol, 550 mAh
Indicators: 3 LEDs (GSM, GPS, operating mode)
Supply voltage: 8 to 48V;

Electrical Specifications:

Current consumption in various modes (at 12V onboard voltage), maximum:

  • 100 mA (operating mode, the battery is charged);
  • 250 mA (operating mode, the battery is discharged);
  • up to 10 mA (sleep mode);
Connectors and Interfaces:

Microfit 10 connector:

  • device power;
  • RS485 interface;
  • 4 multipurpose inputs (analog, discrete, frequency)*;
  • 2 outputs (open collector)*;

FAKRA connector: Connection of an external GPS/GLONASS antenna;
FAKRA connector: Connection of an external GSM antenna;
SIM card holder (inside the housing): Mini SIM (standard SIM card);
Micro USB connector (inside the housing): Connection to a PC for configuration;

* 6 inputs/outputs

Physical Specifications:
  • Housing material: Plastic;
  • Dimensions, maximum: 94 x 74 x 20 mm;
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +80°C;
  • Weight, maximum: 90 g.;