Available for order
  • GPS/GLONASS-tracker
  • Flash: 10k records
  • Built-in battery
  • Connectors/interfaces:
    Al/ Dl/ DO
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The iON ULC navigation user terminal is an extension of the iON series which has given a good account of itself. The reliable iON ULC tracking terminal stands out by its attractive price. The iON ULC terminal of high-quality with multiple features is an ideal solution for small-scale businesses which possess their own fleet. The terminal is designed for installation both in passenger cars and trucks.

The device determines its position using GPS and/or GLONASS satellite systems. iON ULC holds a configurable power-saving mode which can be enabled automatically when a vehicle comes to a stop and disabled at engine start. Thebuilt-in battery iON ULC provides self-sufficient online operation up to 5 hours.

The device features wide input voltage range: 9-40V; maximum permissible voltage - 55V. The terminal is equipped with a diode to protect the circuit from voltage spikes, high-voltage noise, and reverse voltage. The "black box" ensures data saving if no connection to the server is available. The iON ULC is fully integrated into the Web iRZ Online software package and allows for monitoring the targeted use of a vehicle and fuel.

iON ULC Main Functions:
  • Real-time positioning of a target object, determining its speed and moving direction
  • Data collection from connected sensors
  • Data storage in nonvolatile memory
  • Operation in power-saving mode
  • Built-in battery enables operation when external power is off
  • Protection against voltage spikes
Technical Specifications:
  • navigation receiver: GPS/GLONASS
  • data link: GSM/GPRS 900/1800 MHz
  • antennas:
    • built-in GPS/GLONASS antenna
    • built-in GSM antenna
    • flash-memory: 10000 records
    • built-in accelerometer: three-axis
Electrical Specifications:
  • power voltage 9 to 40V
  • maximum voltage rating in a long-term mode: 55 V
  • current consumption in various modes (at 24V power voltage), max:
    • 75 mA (operating mode, the battery is charged)
    • 210 mA (operating mode, the battery is discharged)
    • 3.4 mA (6.1 mA at 12V) (sleep mode)
  • built-in battery: Li-Pol, 500 mAh
Physical Specifications:
  • dimensions: 93.8×73.6×20 mm
  • weight: 90 g
  • gross weight: 120 g
  • operating temperature range: -35ºС to +80ºС
Connectors and Interfaces:
  • connectors:
    • MicroFit 8 power connector
  • main interfaces:
    • analog input of 0..30V (e.g., for connection of an analog fuel level sensor)
    • discrete input
    • discrete output ("open collector")