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iRZ at the Smart Grid Paris Exhibition 2014


The fourth annual Smart Grid Exhibition devoted to smart grids took place in Paris from 11-13th June 2014. EBDS, the authorized distributor of iRZ, presented the iRZ products at the exhibition. The Smart Grid Paris 2014...

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Watch the second part of iRZ new information project “Webinars”


Today, on June 3 2014, the second run of iRZ new information project “Webinars” is coming out. As it was announced earlier, the run topic is “iRZ Collector Solution”. During this webinar our specialists will...

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Report the output video presentations powerful solution IVA-2


Dear iRZ customers and partners! We are pleased to announce about the video presentation release introducing the multifunctional solution IVA-2 developed by Radiofid Systems. The IVA-2 electrical control unit is the...

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Moscow International Protection, Security and Fire Safety Exhibition (MIPS)


The largest international specialized MIPS exhibition for security and safety industry in Russia and CIS was held at All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow from 13th-16th...

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Webinar "iRZ Routers Product Range"


Today, on March 19, 2014, the first run of the new information project “Webinars” on the topic “iRZ Routers Product Range” is coming out. As it was announced the first run was held offline. We have been...

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Поисковый GPS/ГЛОНАСС-маяк FindMe F2 – скоро в продаже


Уважаемые партнеры и клиенты! В конце первого квартала 2014 года в продажу поступает усовершенствованная версия...

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