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M2M "Beeline" SIM cards for convenient management of iRZ devices


Radiofid Systems company, the official distributor of iRZ, now offers specialized M2M "Beeline" SIM cards. They can be optionally installed into any iRZ-manufactured device It is designed to save client's time, as they...

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R4 Series Routers: Versatility and High Technologies


iRZ is pleased to introduce a new R4 series of industrial routers. The series includes over ten models with various features. R4 provides high-speed wired network connections backed up over a wireless...

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A Series of Highly Reliable Modems iRZ Protect


iRZ has released a new line of highly reliable protected modems under the name Protect. The series offers four types of devices: TG51, TG51A, TG52 and...

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A New Section on the Website


Dear customers, partners and users of our website! We have added a new section on the website that is fully dedicated to the work of iRZ Online specializing in development and manufacture of tracking systems for...

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iRZ TG42-232 and iRZ TG43-485 Development Gets Underway


The new wireless data communication devices are launched for development: the iRZ TG42-232 GSM modem and the iRZ TG43-485 GSM modem. The distinctive feature of the modems is an embedded next-generation Java platform....

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High-Tech Java™ Enabled Modem - TU41


iRZ has completed the development of a new advanced TU41 GSM/3G modem and started its production. The new modem is already available for advanced order. The device enables data transmission over cellular network...

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